2 animations to Run MOOC

To foster collaboration, feedback and sense of the community, you should
operate not only content issues but also human relation issues



Pedagogical Project Community Management

Chief Learning Officers are Bringing are considering context of training as important as the content.  Company searches to add a global dialogue to formal learning programs by partnering with internal corporate social networks.

Our role is to:

  • serve as front door with the community member. It is the voice of the company to the community as well as the voice of the community to the brand,
  • ensure integration with the “Pedagogical manager” and with the community,
  • posts messages on digital board,
  • monitor conversations, manage discussions, resolve “non pedagogical issues, develop “non pedagocical content” and raise potential issues to senior team leads as they appear.

Pedagogical Project Pedagogical Management & Tutorial

Various parts of the traditional professor’s role can be pulled apart. In particular, when you have a very large community following a course, you need to organize the « Knowlede provider Team ».  These team, should work on behalf of the « Knowledge provider leader » to animate all part of the course, in live or in a asynchrone manner.

Our role is to:

  • organize the « knowledge provider team »
  • animate the « knowledge provider team », in coherence with the Community team actions.

Taking online courses is convenient, but what happens when a learner get stuck? Upon enrolling in a course, you need to connect with a peer or a personal coach to help you through challenging content.

Our role is to:

  • select with you tools that help you putting in place your tutorial coaching
  • implement and manage the tutorial coaching tools.

Note : Unlike most MOOCs, CopyrightX runs simultaneously with the version of the course that Fisher teaches at the law school. This lets him link the two communities. Students in his law-school course, and alumni of it, volunteered to serve as “teaching assistants” for the online students. He divided the five hundred online students among these volunteers.