2 actions to Market MOOC

Once your have build your MOOC, make it available and make it known




Pedagogical Project Learner Recruitment

Depending on corporate objectives and value creation target, we assist our clients in building for MOOC environments, the appropriate MOOC communication & marketing Plan  to recruit the community needed to reach its objectives.

Our role is to :

  • specify your MOOC communication & marketing plan (Business plan and Road Map),
  • select the adapted partner to put in place the plan,
  • implement plan,
  • manage the interface with the appropriate internal stakeholder.

Community Building

A company can go far beyond just recruiting learners. It can have a strategy to build an « Extended Community ».


With selected partner, we are  able to specify the company:

  • community business plan for training & learning
  • community building roadmap

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Pedagogical Project MOOC Diffusion

Here are the option to diffuse the training & learning content that you have bought or produced:

  • internal portal (intranet, or internal university website)
  • open portal (web page on your website or open university website)

Our role , depending on your existing situation and on your corporate objectives in terms of content diffusion, is to:

  • write your MOOC Portal specification,
  • implement Portal or integrate the diffusion within your website,
  • animate the PORTAL (see RUN MOOC),
  • manage the interface with the other MOOC team (technical team, pedagogical team, etc.).

Note 1 : See at “Innovation in learning” what we can do for you in the blended learning approach, where we suggest that rapidly,  you build a real vision on who you want to exhibit your courses.

Note 2 :  The diffusion platform is the one that control the relation with the learner. It is the one that control the data related to learner activities. It is important that you have “MOOC analytics” strategy.