Irish tech start-up JamJou combines gaming and training with new application

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Auteur : Sorcha Corcoran
Date de l'info : 12 janvier 2015

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JamJou applies the use of gaming mechanics to enhance employee engagement with training and retention of information and is currently being used for customer service, sales and product training.

A cloud-based system, JamJou is one of the first training tools where management have real-time access to staff skills assessment, according to founder and former training consultant Jo Brennan.

“I couldn’t find a good product in the market place that really engaged staff and helped training to be retained. Companies using JamJou have found through mystery shopper audits that it has made real behavioural changes in customer service, sales and product knowledge,” she said.

JamJou uses interactive gaming features such as animated characters, scenarios, points, badges and leader boards to engage staff and its training levels can be completed in three to four minutes.

Further training levels are released and content refreshed over time to continually drive behavioural change and update workforce knowledge.

Identified as a high potential start up by Enterprise Ireland, JamJou hopes to capitalise on the rapidly growing gamification and e-learning markets, which are predicted to grow by 37pc and 23pc respectively by 2020.

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