Why MOOCS Might Be Just Right for Schools

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While MOOCs offer a way for Universities and individual professors to disseminate their brand internationally, K-12 teachers and schools do not generally have such a global focus. For teachers the most important thing is being able to tailor the best content available to their students’ specific learning needs. For them, the ability to pick and choose the best content from around the internet represents a remarkable opportunity to bring the best teaching in the world into their classrooms.

MOOCs can also help schools lacking resources to cater to the full spectrum of student abilities by offering advanced courses for exceptional students, or extra teaching for students who are finding learning particularly difficult. MOOCs also offer access to the right support materials for students in remote parts of the globe with aspirations to attend universities in the U.S. or Europe. In a ‘globalized world,’ MOOCs offer a chance to create equality of opportunity when it comes to access to a quality education.

MOOCs also have the potential to open up new horizons for the growing number of students who are homeschooled. In the U.S. alone the figure is around two million, which is about the same number as attend charter schools. Some of the best teachers in the world can now be brought right into the living rooms of these children.

At Davos Khadija said she “just wanted the course to be longer.” These words are prescient for a generation of talented young learners who desperately need access to quality learning materials. Especially when basic education around the world is currently underfunded by US$26 billion a year according to UNESCO, and aid is continuing to decline.

MOOCs offer an unparalleled opportunity to bridge this gap. GEMS Education’s first online courses will be offered in the second half of 2014. We hope, and expect, these will be the first of many.

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