Online courses explode, but 90 percent of enrollees drop out within two weeks. Why?

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Auteur : Satesh Bidaisee, Maureen Downey
Date de l'info : 3 août 2016


The recent growth of online education has been astounding. Last year, 35 million people signed up for at least one online college-level class. That’s more than double the previous year’s enrollment. The popularity of online learning is easy to understand. Today, students have access to well over 4,000 courses in a wide array of subjects, from chemistry to philosophy to graphic design. They participate at a time and place that suits their schedule. Many courses are free.

There is, however, a serious problem now keeping online education from reaching its full potential — low retention rates. About 90 percent of enrollees in “MOOCS” — short for “Massive Open Online Courses,” which have unlimited registration and are the most popular online education product — drop out within two weeks.

The key to solving this problem? Making MOOCs more interactive.

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