Education under the Digital Era, with Sophie Pène

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Auteur : Benjamin Vignard
Date de l'info : 27 mai 2015


For some weeks now, politicians are ripping apart in France, arguing about school reformation. Sadly, the introduction of digital technology in classrooms does not seem to be the major concern, debates being overflowed by program changes. Yet, the question of whether school should go digital or not is important and fortunately, some experts are working on it. Sophie Pène is one of them. Professor in information technology (IT) at Université Paris Descartes, she is also in charge of the ED TECH master at the Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity (CRI) in Paris. In her capacity as French Digital Council expert, she led a team that delivered a report called “Jules Ferry 3.0: building a creative and fair school in a digital world” to the French Ministry of Education in 2014. As a pioneer of digital technologies in school, she gives us her vision on the future of Education in a digital era.

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