Wells Fargo And Game Plan Launch eLearning Financial Program For Student Athletes

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Source : www.sporttechie.com
Auteur : Tobe Attah
Date de l'info : 24 août 2016

Game Plan

In today’s educational system, institutions are putting a much bigger emphasis on student athletes and their efforts in successfully integrating themselves into the professional world. The notion that these individuals only prioritize their performances in the heat of a sports competition has gone out the window, giving student athletes more room for employers to potentially consider their overall skills.

“The goal of Game Plan is to provide student-athletes with the resources they need to succeed in an easy, accessible way that doesn’t add any additional strain to an athlete’s’ already demanding schedule,” said Vin McCaffrey, Founder and CEO of Game Plan. “Game Plan is allowing universities to provide students with academic and career-planning resources, enabling advisors to track performance and participation, and connecting employers to graduates.”

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