TELL US Awards seeks educational technology solutions to scale up throughout Europe

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Auteur : Open Education Europa
Date de l'info : 28 octobre 2014

The TELL US Awards seek out technology-enhanced learning solutions that have shown early success and take-up. The goal of the award is to identify these promising initiativies and help them to scale up. The contest is now open for expressions of interest.

Technology-enhanced learning (TEL) has garnered a lot of attention for its potential to improve education, but in practice many initiatives have failed to achieve widespread adoption and sustainability. Especially in comparison to the almost universal use of mobile and social applications in other areas of life, it is clear that educational techologies have not yet reached their true potential for impact.

The TELL US project is working to overcome this inertia with a two-stage contest that will find successful edtech initiatives and help them to reach classrooms all over Europe. The current awards competition is now open to expressions of interest, which can be submitted until 20 December 2014. Visit the TELL US Awards website for more information and to fill out an online application.


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