New partner Xi’an Jiaotong University launches new on-demand courses

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Date de l'info : 22 janvier 2015


One of the most prestigious and oldest Chinese institutions, Xi’an Jiaotong University, will now be offering three, on-demand courses in Mandarin for learners to access anywhere, anytime. Our on-demand courses don’t have start dates or deadlines. Starting today, our learners will have the ability to complete the following XJTU courses on their own schedules with our self-paced format.

Chinese Philosophy: The Classics (《中国哲学经典著作导读》): Learners will uncover Chinese philosophy through a lens of Buddhist and Taoist thought, while weaving science and psychology, with perspectives and years of knowledge from 8 professors: Professor Yan Lianfu, Professor Han Pengjie, Professor Zhang Fan, Professor Gong Jianping, Professor Tuo Jianqing, Professor Deng Miaozi, Professor Li Zhong, and Professor Luo Zixin.

Organic Chemistry (《有机化学》): Award winning faculty, Professor Tang Yuhai introduces learners to the structure, nature, and laws of organic compounds.

System platforms and computing environments (《系统平台与计算环境》). In this first course, which is part of a series of two on-demand courses, learners will be able to walk through computer systems, get introduced to selecting and utilizing tools for problem solving, and write programs at a basic professional level by Professor Wu Ning and Professor Chen Wenge.

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