Australia: Prime Minister’s department to set up its own MOOC

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Auteur : Paris Cowan
Date de l'info : 27 novembre 2014

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The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet is looking to set up its own massive open online course (MOOC) to train Australian public servants and potentially those from other jurisdictions how to calculate the financial impact of new regulation.

Since assuming power in 2013, the Abbott government has set itself an annual target of $1 billion in savings through scrapping red tape. The PM&C has formulated a regulation burden measurement (RBM) framework to calculate these red tape dividends.

Taking its cues from the international tertiary sector, the department now wants to expand and improve the public service’s understanding of how to conduct these calculations through a readily accessible MOOC.

The department envisions running the course for between three and five years, and making it available to anyone interested in knowing more about calculating the financial impact of government policy, including members of the business community and university students. However it does concede that some content may need to be restricted to the Australian Public Service.

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