7 Ways to create value innovation

MOOC can be implemented within your corporating having in mind one of the seven
identified MOOC value creation


The biggest opportunity to deliver training value will extend beyond the training department. If you are a Chief Human Resource Officer or a Chief Learning Officer, here are 7 ways to consider as you think about how MOOC’s can provide you the impetus to re-think and re-imagine your department can create a new value.



Pedagogical ProjectMOOC performance


Short description : « MOOC Performance » is made to improve your training & learning operations in term of costs and efficiency”
Target : Employees

Human capital is company’s greatest asset and training is one of many actions that an organisation can take to improve its performance and profitability.

When companies have a need for a greater investment in training, when major changes need to be made, when there is stiffer competition for resources, when times get tough, MOOC are particularly well-suited to corporate learning & development.

Incorporating MOOC concepts inside the organization will ultimately challenge the human resources and corporate learning departments to rethink and re-imagine their value proposition as well as their business model. Companies should asses the ROI of training.

At B-MOOC factory we believe that MOOCs are useful to :

  • improve training efficiency,
    • improve continuously the training design and delivery,
    • get a better view of what happen before and after training,
    • insert external MOOC within your training programs
    • provide to individuals or to group of individual, simple and flexible (Anywhere, anytime, any device) access to your available training offer,
    • support employee to be better prepared for internal move ( internal recruitment),
  • bring a better workplace climate,
    • bring innovation spirit within your training department as well as within the whole organization,
    • make the whole organization and the “extended community” (if so) work together to grow together with flexible (asyhnchrone/live; online/onsite , alone/2/small group/all) tools,
    • highlight the valuable knowledge of your company through certification,
  • justify and reduce costs incurred in training
    • increase training capacity and make it valuable for you,
    • rationalize training program (production/purchase, duplication, training cession,… ),
    • limit other costs (promotional costs, administration costs, trainer costs, facilities costs, learners costs, evaluation costs,….),
    • make the “extended community” work for you,
    • include free or cheaper existing courses (Harvard,…)
  • mesure training success
    • get more automated process to collect evaluation of training programs
    • know more about the whole training process,
    • follow up your ROI,

Pedagogical ProjectMOOC brand



Short description : « MOOC Brand » is made to improve your brand’s notoriety in targeted community”
Target : Any targeted community

At B-MOOC Factory we believe that MOOC implementation can participate a the corporate brand strategy. Rather than limiting the innovation to the learning department, bring your Chief Marketing Officer on the project and create branding opportunities.

As far as a target can be interested to get “knowledge” through a MOOC that you  provide under your brand, you can

  • enlarge your existing community base,
  • increase the sense of community,
  • make innovation linked to your image and
  • reinforce your brand awareness.

The usage of “Certification” can also be a tool that help a company to root it brand awareness within a related professional community.

Pedagogical Project MOOC influence


Short description : « MOOC Influence » is made to support your business development and to disseminate your standards”
Target : Agents & Brokers- Providers- Customers and business partners- Industry organization (experts, union, etc.)- Administrations- Opinions leaders, social networks, media- Educational institutions

Bank of America create a series of self-paced courses for its customers on how to develop better money habits. This start a trend of consumer education using the MOOC model of free self-paced courses.

Companies  by moving first, creating and building the targeted “extended community” have the power :

  • to, with direct returns :
    • disseminate standards, ways of thinking, ways of working,
    • lobby and create a strong link with local experts and decision makers,
  • to, with indirect returns :
    • support local government by helping a local training & learning strategy implementation,
    • support universities to get more visitors on their programs,
    • contribute to the  world education (through access to the best course & people in the world)

Pedagogical Project MOOC recruitment


 Short description : « MOOC Recruitment » is made to optimize and secure your human capital assets
Target : Educational institutions- Students- Applicants- Employees

To secure the sourcing of it own need for IT experts, Free, a large french telecom group, has decided to set up its own university called “42”.

By using a platform, where data issued training & learning activities can be stored and analyzed, a company is able to reinforce and secure its recruitment need. It can :

  • attract the best experts and student in the world, particularly in regions where there is fierce competition for talents,
  • improve the adequacy between the HR recruitment needs and what the market offer,
  • manage a pool of external experts.

Pedagogical Project MOOC capitalization



Short description : « MOOC capitalization » is a new way to capitalize internal knowledge and to foster internal communication”
Target : Employees- Shareholders- Providers- Customers & Business Partners

Informations such as, project review, board meeting, annual report presentation, internal announcement, workshop and client project closure can need to be worked as an ongoing study case with the participation of a group of people (internal and/or external).

In that case, collaboration, transfer and capitalization can be operated through a MOOC format.  Somehow, you can decide to create your ongoing internal MBA. Companies then, can be active to:

  • increase the cohesive culture spirit and values
    • increase transparency and broke the secret culture,
    • empower people who want it,
    • get the best from each community member
    • offer area of socialization,
  • improve efficiency of information transfer and capitalization
    • by offering a new space of exchanging ideas
    • by enhancing the activity of the “targeted community”,
    • by letting the “targeted community” possess it,
    • and learn from what the “targeted community” tells.

Pedagogical Project MOOC Business

new business


Short description : « MOOC Business » allows companies to focus on creating new revenues”
Target : Customers and Business partners- Education institutions

Once a company has build an active “expended community”, it could decided to look for new sources of revenues and offer, for fees, services to each member of this community as well as to companies that are interested to this “extended community”.

New offer includes :

  • training market place (courses and certifications),
  • marketing data (advertising, direct marketing, etc.)
  • other product & services market place (books, tutorials, ..)


Pedagogical ProjectMOOC Innovation


Short description : « MOOC innovation » is made to test the conception and implementation of a first MOOC in an organization”
Target : Employees

Through this type of MOOC, company objectives can be to :

  • demonstrate its feasibility, and the potential of being use
  • distill a culture of innovation,
  • control cost of testing,
  • offer a know training subject, with an innovative training process to a predefined small community,
  • transfer knowledge and to support the organization in the operational discovery of this innovation,
  • make it simple to set up, without resistance to change. The MOOC innovation should be a continuity of an existing E-learning activity and is therefore less dependent from the outputs of the strategic assignment.

We recommend choosing the theme of MOOC so that the ROI is easily measurable and visible. A theme :

  • that is visible,
  • that interest a large number of people,
  • where the need for training is recurrent,
  • that allows benchmarking in terms of direct and indirect costs (travel, duplication of courses, etc.)
  • that has the potential to be presented to a wider community (customers, suppliers, etc.).
  • for which there has been internal demands for improved educational process,