What is Socially Conscious Investing?

Socially Conscious Investing, environmental, green, ethical or socially responsible investing is a way of investing in an asset that has the goal of changing the environment or the behavior of other people (or entities) in order to achieve social or environmental change. Social investing is a growing sector and involves investors who are actively seeking out and supporting socially responsible investments in order to make a positive impact on the world around them. The term, “socially responsible” is generally used to describe any business with a mission statement that is built around changing the behavior of people or reducing their impact on the environment. The purpose of socially responsible investing is to invest in a company that is not only a socially responsible business but one that also has a strong economic plan that will result in the greatest number of positive changes for the environment.

Green investing is the most popular style of socially responsible investing. Green investing involves investing in companies that are environmentally friendly, create a good amount of jobs and use sustainable, renewable resources. A good example of an environmentally friendly company that creates a lot of employment is Costco. An environmentally friendly company that creates jobs is Alcoa. Companies that use sustainable resources are also environmentally friendly. Visit here for more information about epiphanyfunds.com.

Ethical investing is a method of investing that is dedicated to making sure that an investment reflects the values of the socially responsible company. The most common example of this method of investing would be investing in companies that use organics in their production. Ethical investing is often used with the goal of changing the market behavior of companies in order to create more positive changes to the environment.

Sustainable socially responsible investing is a type of investing that involves investing in companies that produce products and services in order to increase the amount of energy produced in order to reduce the amount of energy required in production. This method of socially responsible investing may be used with an intention to reduce demand for oil or gas, or to reduce the need for oil and gas through the reduction of carbon emissions.

In terms of environmental and ethical investment, companies that use sustainable resources are often more environmentally responsible than companies that are not using sustainable resources. Examples of environmentally sustainable companies include companies like Wal-Mart, Amazon, Starbucks, and General Motors.

It is important to remember that socially responsible investing does not have to involve investing in a particular type of company. Companies can actually be socially responsible without actually being a socially responsible company. For example, many companies have been actively involved in various environmental programs in order to help make the environment a better place to live and businesses that focus on helping the environment, while making profits, are considered to be socially responsible.


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