Tree Root Management: The Importance of a Professional Arborist

Tree root problems are inevitable for a variety of reasons. Whether you are growing a tree in your yard or just planting one in your environment, tree roots will eventually find their way into the ground and into the water or the soil. If you do not have a plan for dealing with these issues, they can become a big problem in the future. While there is some degree of prevention that can help, there are many aspects of your landscape design that can also increase the likelihood of tree roots. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to tree planting ArborAeration or tree root management.

For example, some buildings and other public infrastructure have paved surfaces. While these surfaces may have some traction, walking over the paved surface could cause damage to the infrastructure. If you want to avoid this type of problem, you will need to have tree planting or root management taken care of before you plant your tree, or before you put the paving on.

If you already have trees planted in your yard or on your landscape, you may be aware that they will need watering or a root barrier system applied to prevent root rot. This process requires professionals, and you may want to consider calling one to come and take a look at your landscape before you do anything else. You should know that prevention is easier than cure, so you should plan to have your hardscape foundations prepared for tree root management if you plant anything. The reason is that they will try to establish themselves as early as possible. They can do this by digging tunnels into the soil and making networks of small root barriers. This process will help them to establish themselves better and will make them stronger as they age.

A similar process is used with tree planting. When you are preparing for tree planting, you should contact a professional to test the soil and to determine if there is enough water and nutrients present. They will also make recommendations for your landscape foundation preparation. If you are planning to use landscape roots in your planting, you should also take these suggestions into consideration.

As with tree planting, you should also consider the type of tree you will plant. Although some types of trees can be planted almost anywhere, they are not as common in urban settings. The arborist will make suggestions for you based on where you will be planting the tree. In urban locations, clay soils are most common, so you may want to look into the possibility of using drainage systems that will channel excess water away from your structure. For the arborist’s recommendation, you should research what types of materials will work best for your architecture and structures.

Tree root management is important because they can potentially destroy your landscape. However, a professional arborist has the right equipment and know-how to manage these roots in a safe manner. It may seem intimidating to remove tree roots manually, especially if you live in an area where tree growth is common. For this reason, hiring a professional tree removal company is a smart idea. This is the best way to ensure that the roots are removed safely and without damaging your landscape or your foundation. If you have any doubts about how to remove tree roots, contact an arborist today.


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