Top Five Games For Kids on the iPhone and iPad

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Best kid’s game for Kindergarten and Preschool Learning Games develop child’s interest & skill in learning new stuff using the mobile phone or portable media player in a non-threatening way – Kids learn games play with their mobile phones/portable media players as brain teacher & attract their full attention to practise the spelling of common alphabet letters, numbers (positive / negative), Animals Name, Musical Scrapbook… Kids learn through games that challenge their skills, help them to develop their problem solving skills. Best kid’s game for Kindergarten and Preschool can develop the following key ingredients: Memory, Coordination, Independence, Emotion and creativity. Kids learn through games like Hide & Seek, Memory Match, Red Light/Green Light, Time Tag, Word Search, Bingo, Crossword puzzles, etc. The games help them to develop their problem solving skills by matching the right colors and numbers on their screen to the picture on their memory card, that is, they memorize the correct answer in the shortest time possible to get it before the time runs out.

As kids grow up from children’s stage to pre-school kids, they require different kinds of entertainment to make their days full and happy. Best kid’s game for Kindergarten and Preschool Learning Games provide kids unlimited entertainment to play. There are free kids game websites on the internet that offer free kids game downloads for kids aged three years old and up. These free kids game websites have interactive features that are great for kids as children love to play games on the Internet. Click here for more information about Klik855

Smartpen is one of the most downloaded kids apps in the Android Market. It is a drawing tool that kids will love. With the Smartpen, kids can express themselves more naturally on the screen. The Smartpen uses a high-speed infrared sensor to detect areas of light and come up with various drawing suggestions. It also comes with an amazing draw function where kids can add their own designs to the selected area of the screen. Kids can also change colors and patterns with the help of Smartpen.

Another most popular kids game app for the kids ages 4 to 6 is Stone Scribe. This is a simple and fun game that teaches kids how to spell. It is similar to the classic game called Spellbound where kids have to spell words and place the picture of the word inside a small stone. Every time the kid masters a letter, he has to put the stone on top of the small stone.

Skippy Rabbit is another popular kids’ game that is suitable for kids of all ages. The main character of this popular kids’ game is named Skippy, who is a rabbit who lives in a magical land named Honeymoon Forest. The main aim of the game is to keep the bunny safe and eat all the sweets offered by the fairy. The game begins by showing a story of how a fairy dropped a potion of honey. The story goes on showing the activities that are performed by the characters of the game like, sliding, jumping, running and eating.

Another exciting free kids game for the kids of all ages is the Happy Valley game. This is a game based on the Japanese game of Happy Tree Story. The object of the game is to nurture a tree, decorate it and eventually make the tree grow. In this game, kids can choose from many different animals and plant. This popular kids game can also be played with the child using the iPhone or iPad


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