Top Five Free Online Strategy Games

One of the fastest growing trends in the games industry is the free online games. They allow you to play them without even spending any money. In fact, most of these free online games are so addicting that after you have completed the basic steps, you feel like you need to play them again. Examples of these free online games are sports games. They include everything from soccer and basketball to skiing and motor-bicycle racing. Visit Bola88 to understand what chances you have.

Types of Free Online Games: Mobile (cell phone) and PC (PC) You will easily find hundreds of free online games on mobile phones including Blackberry and HTC. Most of these mobile free online games are available as free downloads for iPhone, iPod Touch or any other cell phone. The same applies to free online games for Windows Phones and PCs. Many of these adventure games are available as paid memberships that allow you access to a wide range of adventure games with hundreds of challenges and hours of game-play.

Types of Downloadable Games: Mobile and PC downloadable games Online games that are downloadable from free websites to be played on your computer or mobile phone are known as “downloadable games.” You must purchase a license in order to be able to play downloaded games on your computer or mobile phone. These online (downloadable games) can be played on any device that supports that technologies (cell phones, PDAs, handheld computers, gaming systems). These free online games range from classic games to puzzle games and many are free.

Types of Paid Membership Websites: Big Fish Games has been providing free online games for years and is one of the most recognized brands in the downloadable game industry. Their free Big Fish Games site offers several different types of free online games for download. As well as games available for download on your computer and mobile devices, Big Fish Games also provides members with a number of different Pay-Per-Click advertising options including AdSense. With a paid membership to Big Fish Games you will have access to a number of different free games available to play and ads from third parties that are associated with their content. With a paid membership to Big Fish Games you will also be able to have access to special offers, giveaways, and promotions.

Which Online Role-Playing Game Is Right For You? For people who enjoy strategy games and an offline experience, free online games such as Archeage and Linea I and II can provide hours of entertainment. Archeage is an old-school turn-based strategy game where you’ll create your own avatar and travel through many different virtual landscapes and quests. You’ll accumulate equipment, weapons, spells, and eventually explore the uncharted territories of Mars Station, Thebes, and the unknown depths of space in order to defeat all kinds of mythical creatures and monsters.

Linea I and II on the other hand are turn-based tactical games where you’ll use various items and abilities to defeat your opponents and advance throughout the levels. As you battle your way through enemy territory, you’ll need to make strategic decisions about when to attack, defend, or purchase armor for your character. In this way, you’ll have to use your wits in order to come up with strategies in order to outsmart your enemies and survive long enough to win the game. There are dozens more free online games to choose from if you enjoy strategy and adventure games.


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