Protecting a Short Distance Shot – How To Defend Against a Short Distance Shot

The most effective and practical way to defend against a ball coming from a short distance is to take the swing of your racket up and down in a circular motion, and then to make a racket back swing to close the distance. If your racket comes back, it should hit the ball at an angle that is lower than it was before coming back, and this will force the ball to be thrown high into the air. So as you try to defend yourself against a short distance shot, you must work on closing distance with your racket. Visit this page you can learn more information.

As mentioned above, the best defense is to take the racket down as far as possible when hitting the first or second leg shot. Once you are on the ground, you can move your racket back by bending at the waist and bending down to the knees. You can then raise the racket over your head by bending down as you would if you were going to swing again. This is often referred to as a double backswing.

You can also try to protect your pedal shot by swinging at it with your racket wrist straight and your arm extended. If you can follow through on this swing, your racket will be thrown higher and will have more power than if you simply swing the racket wrist a bit sideways. In some cases, the racket wrist may be bent, but it will not be bent enough to cause damage to the ball.

Another important thing to remember is that in order to keep the ball away from your body, you must be able to see it clearly and have good contact with it at all times. So to protect a short distance shot, try to make sure that you are looking at the ball as it is coming to you and not watching the ball go by. It is much easier to hit the ball correctly and get the desired results when you can see the ball coming to you can swing at it with confidence. This also makes the follow through much easier.

As mentioned above, a lot of players are guilty of throwing their racket out of bounds as they try to defend their first or second leg shot by jumping and taking a foot step forward. When trying to protect a short distance shot, don’t try to do this. You need to stop and think about what you are doing when you do this and stop.

With any of these defense methods, you will need to practice them until you become comfortable with them and know how to use them in order to properly defend yourself against a short distance shot. You will also need to make sure that you learn from your mistakes and try to get better at this technique the next time. so that you do not make the same mistakes twice.


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