Fun Texting Games for Older Children and Teens

The following article is a compilation of fun games to play with kids that are guaranteed to keep your little ones entertained. Many of these games are designed with age-appropriate themes for young children, teenagers and adults. Each one of them has a special lesson to learn or teach while playing. Some can even be used to teach valuable life lessons without the need to use any words.

Word Whiz is one of the most popular and easy to learn fun games with older children that both kids and parents enjoy. It is played on a standard board with letters already placed on it. Every time a player makes a spelling mistake, he or she must guess the word in which the letter is missing. This game is great for younger children who are beginning to understand letters and sounds and for older children who can help hone their memory skills. Most of all, Word Whiz teaches the player the importance of spelling correctly.

Another fun situs judi online terbaik games to play with friends is X-icle, or “izzy.” This one starts with one player in the center of a rectangular field, and players are given a list of items at random. Whenever an item is removed from the list, its place is replaced by another item. A player has a limited amount of time to find the missing item, or the game ends.

Hangman is another one of many fun games with older children and teenagers to play. In this game, a panel of hanging men is drawn on a piece of paper. The player designated as the Hangman must try and eliminate all the players, while staying within the allotted time limit.

Texting games are also a great way to spend some fun time with friends and family. Many people enjoy playing these types of fun texting games, including young children, seniors, and those with no texting or computer experience at all. Often, these text messaging games are available in special applications on cell phones and handheld computers. In addition, there are many Web sites that feature these fun games.

Finally, there is the classic card game known as rummaging through a pile of cards. In this one-person game, one person chooses a specific card in the stack, and then other players take turns trying to take turns dealing off the chosen card to one person. It is best to have a few people playing this fun text messaging game, because it can easily get out of hand.


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