Free Online Games for Kids – Learning the Shapes

Free Online Games for Kids – Learning the Shapes is an interactive game in which children mimic and play shapes with a matching shape. As the shapes move, they change positions and can be rearranged in the correct order.

In this learning game, children learn the shapes and the letters that stand for them. Free Online Games for Kids – Learning the Shapes allows children to create their own shapes and then use letters which stand for these shapes to move their shapes around. Extend the learning with asking your child to identify objects of a certain shape around the house in front of him. The goal is to use your child’s knowledge and imagination and have a lot of fun!

In Learning the Shapes you will find that when you choose a shape for your child to use, they will need to make a guess about what letters go with the shape. To make it easier for your child, you can show them a number of shapes and letters and then show the same shapes and letters to your child. If you make a guess or ask your child a question, they will most likely know what they are supposed to do and where they should place their shapes. There is a picture gallery available online which allows you to see what the shapes and letters look like as they change positions.

When you choose the next shape for your child to use, he will be asked to look at the letter, but then place the shape in the correct location. The longer you let your child play and figure out what letter goes with which shape, the more fun it will be for them. Asking questions, drawing pictures and making the shapes come together in the correct order all reinforce the learning process.

In this game, once your child guesses what letters go with what shapes, he will have to click on the letters which stand for the shapes he has made and move them around to form shapes that they can see in the picture gallery. Then, once he has found the shape which he thinks is the correct shape, he must click on the letters that are actually there and move the shape from one position to the next until he has it correctly displayed. as he clicks on the letters.

As your child plays this learning game, you can encourage them to look at different pictures in the picture gallery. and ask them to match what shapes they see with the words which appear on the letters in the picture. Once you have your child convinced that the words are there, they are able to match the letters to the shape and move their shapes into the correct positions to make words and complete the sentence.


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