Free Offline Games That Can Help You Grow Your Phone’s Memory

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Everyone loves Minions adults, kids, and even grandparents. This latest game movie adaptation is based on an old-fashioned style with a variety of collectibles and stages to conquer with just enough time to grab each item with just a quick blast of the mobile phone screen. This fun iPhone game is currently among the highest-rated free offline games in both iOS and Android devices. And, it’s coming to Apple’s iPhone 5 in a few months’ time.

The premise of fallout shelter and the internet connection has players trekking around a post-apocalyptic world, trying to find supplies and weapons to fight off marauding zombies and the ever-invading fungus. The story begins when you uncover the remains of a mysterious meteor strike, which has turned this peaceful town of Pawleys Island (a destination located somewhere in Alaska) into a dark, post-apocalyptic world. As you start to explore the strange, unfamiliar surroundings, you run into some strange characters along the way as well, and one of them is Bob, who possesses a strange power. Using this amazing ability, Bob helps you in your quest to find and gather essential supplies. This is where the game begins.

One of the best things about fallout shelter and its wonderful story is that it includes a number of its most popular and long-running favorites such as snake, potato, and squig. But beyond these familiar faces, the game includes a number of its most exciting and free offline games that are perfect for your iPhone or iPod Touch. This includes a number of addictive, high-quality endless running games including subway surfers, tumbleweed railroad, and cavemen & damsel. These free games work perfectly with your mobile device and are great for wasting time in between big action sequences. If you want to know more about this you can click on the link

Snakes on Subway Surfers is an endless running game where you run through a colorful subway station chasing squiggly, squirmy bugs. You’ll also see an endless number of ads interrupting your game. The action sequences are exciting and fast-paced, even when playing with the ads buffering. The one shortcoming is that the game requires that you swipe horizontally to make your snake move, but the constant action and fast pace can quickly get to be too much.

Another one of the best offline android games you can download is a puzzle game called cube. This addictive puzzle game involves dropping colored cubes onto a designated pattern that causes them to spin in a certain direction. The pattern can be designed using the cubes you have by putting together several different pieces, then matching them up with the ones in front of them. You can change the color of each piece by tapping on them, but even if you can guess what the correct color is before dropping a cube it still will not help you correctly drop the cube. The cubes are small and you will need to exercise good timing if you want to succeed.

Traffic Rider is another free, ad-free, action-adventure game for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. In this physics-driven adventure game you drive through a city as it swells from pollution, traffic and more environmental elements. Your mission is to save the damsel in distress while racing against the clock to complete the tasks and rescue the damsel before time runs out. In order to accomplish each level you must earn money, rescue the damsel and travel throughout the city. Although you are only given a limited amount of time to complete each level, once you complete it you earn all the money and move on to the next level.


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