A New London Art Gallery Offering Emerging and Exhibiting Artists a Platform For Discovery and Investment

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The permanent home of the British Museum has recently announced plans to develop a new, state-of-the-art public gallery and, in partnership with London’s leading designer starch retailer John Lewis, a new “artspace” in the Square. As part of the museum’s plans to reinvent its galleries, a leading contemporary arts organisation has been invited to take on the lead role. This brings the critically important role of high street organisations in supporting the development of London’s modern art scene. We believe this would be an excellent opportunity for artists and organisations to work hand-in-hand to support one of the most exciting and vibrant periods in UK arts history. The Gallery will use its combined expertise and marketing budget to encourage people to visit the Gallery and its partners as well as to help fund the regeneration of London’s art scene. John Lewis will also support the Gallery’s ethos and mission through its sponsorship and promotions.

One of the major advantages of taking on this pivotal role is that it provides a unique opportunity for artists and organisations to bring together forces to work collaboratively to build a highly creative and stimulating space for people to visit and enjoy themselves. Under the leadership of artistic director, Sarah Sands, Grove Square Galleries will become a multi-performing, multi-cultural hub for visitors, offering something for everyone. A large number of independent artists have already expressed interest in exhibiting at this new gallery. We are therefore very happy to be able to welcome such pioneering organisations into the fold. Joining forces with a renowned and much-loved company like John Lewis makes perfect sense for two reasons: firstly, we know that this is a building that has long been given great consideration by artists and collectors alike; secondly, we know John Lewis has a long standing commitment to supporting innovative venues and independent artists.

Another ground-breaking project that we’re very pleased to be supporting is the launch of a major solo exhibition, entitled “Solo Painting”, by Christopher Kieling. His solo exhibition, which runs for the duration of the forthcoming summer, will feature installations by leading UK artists including Banksy, whose graffiti art piece ‘Walls’ was recently described by Time Out Magazine as “the most popular thing you won’t see on a British street this year”. Christopher’s solo exhibition will also feature the long-time painter and performer, Mark Riddoch, who are best known for his memorable street paintings of London city. This will be the first time that the renowned Bristolian has displayed in the UK.

In anticipation of the solo exhibition, Grove Square Galleries will host a preview exhibition featuring work from some other major artists from the UK and Europe, along with new solo exhibition installations by Banksy, commissioned by Jon Bitzer. The exhibition will run from Saturday the 8th of May through Sunday the 13th of June. The participating artists and art organisations who have been invited to take part in the exhibition include Bristol Contemporary Gallery, Dada Gallery, Field Art Gallery, Leicester Square Galleries, London Fields Gallery, Saachi gallery, Tate Britain, The British Museum and V&A Gallery in London.

In anticipation of the solo exhibition, Grove Square Galleries will host a “Unwrap” event, taking place between the exhibition dates. This is an opportunity for the public to come and meet the artists who will be participating in the solo exhibitions occurring at Grove Square Galleries in London. More information about the Unwrap Event can be found at grater square galleries. As with all things, this will also be a “pay-as-you-go” event, whereby people are invited to join in for as little or as much money as they want to spend. This is in addition to the standard guest gallery events.

A totally independent, third party independent art advisory service which has received funding from the UK government, Grove Square Galleries has implemented a strategy to build private collections through exhibitions and a public-based online platform. An online resource for buyers and sellers of art from all over the world, this innovative website is designed to help buyers gain access to sellers and vice versa. To date, over sixteen thousand people from all over the world have purchased artwork from this innovative online resource, and over thirteen thousand people from all over the world have viewed the online collection. This information service has been developed to complement the Gallery’s activities, which are in line with its remit of building private collections. Grove Square Galleries has taken this on as a strategic initiative to build private collections based on independent artists and new art movements emerging from and associated with London, the UK.


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