47 Korean Games ideas

Square origami by throwing an identical one hard over it. In the drama, if you succeed, you get a 50,000 won note, while if you fail, you receive a slap on the face. At the end of the game, the Squid Game representative leaves a business card with a phone number to call to take part in the actual game. The second of the Korean games seen in 먹튀카카오 Game has been translated as ‘caramel’ in English subtitles. It entails carefully removing little bits from a caramel circular without breaking them. This candy is known as dalgona or bbopgi, and it is an inexpensive sweet that is quite popular in Korea.

Catch as many stones as you can using the back of your hand. While one stone is in the air, drop the other four stones you still have in your hand to the ground. In any game, at any point where a person has a drink, the ‘knight in shining armour’ may step up and volunteer to drink on behalf of someone. The person who says the number that matches the number of fingers is safe and gets to exit the game. On the count of three, everyone points to the person they think best fits the description. The person who receives the most votes for the ‘image’ has to drink.

This time, the team’s participants must keep and hold their biseok on 1 foot while they move from their line to the opponent one, step by step. They should try to be as close as possible to the opponent’s biseok. Then they must strike the opponent’s stone with their biseok, using a small foot move. It’s the same process that round 2, with the difference that players should pick up 3 stones from the ground this time while 1 stone is still in the air. However, your hands will have 4 stones with only 1 remaining on the floor by doing so.

When completed, all stones should be put back on the floor to process to the next round. In this popular game featured in the Korean variety show Amazing Saturday, players have to guess the lyrics of a song word per word to win different types of food. Failure to determine the lyrics correctly will lead cast and guests to give up their meal to the game master. Players can use up to three bands and although you can play this game with two people, the game increases in fun with three or four people.

Once they are in position, they should try to push each other with the hands. Each player can try to deceive their opponent by teasing, ducking or fake pushing. As we know, Korea has a strong gaming culture having one of the best eSports gamers known worldwide. On their gaming culture you can see them playing online games on PC, mobile phones, and consoles, to offline games like arcades, and card games. Hello guys, I hope you are all getting prepared for the upcoming holidays, it’s a great opportunity have share some time with our loved ones.

While the stone is still flying in the air, another stone must be picked up on the ground before the first stone falls. With speed, the selected players have to attempt to grab also the stone still in the air to get both plastic balls in their hands. When stones have been caught, players have to keep them in their hands and use the same hand to pick up a stone on the ground and throw them in the air. Finally, this step should be repeated until all remaining stones have been thrown in the air and caught, 1 per 1.


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