3 Reasons Why Podcasts Are So Great

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Like many of the more popular podcast programs, Snipcast is a  social podcasting app that lets you interact with others about your favorite current events. It is free to download and available for all devices including iPhone and Android. Like many podcasting programs it allows you to search for podcast based on tags and subjects. You can search specific podcasts for a particular keyword or if you want to narrow your search you can search by categories. This means you are presented with exactly what you are looking for.

Like other social networking podcasts it allows you to interact with other listeners and users to bring you up to date stories, discussions, information and entertainment. You can find other podcasters and connect with them via messages, comments and tweets. Snipcast is the best social podcast app since it combines the best of social media. You can follow along with conversations via Twitter, Facebook and Google+ on your Apple devices. Like other podcasting programs you can also create playlists, create hot lists and share your favorite episodes via RSS feed and blog post.

Snipcast is the first podcast app to combine the best of social media with podcasting. Social media allows you to interact with fellow podcasters and subscribers via direct and private messages, via tweets and comments on favorite episodes, discuss upcoming episodes with peers, and share your favorite podcasts and stories via blog posts and RSS feeds. If you enjoy a particular podcast, this social networking podcast is for you.

The best part of this podcast is that it integrates seamlessly with other podcast services including Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The podcast button on the main menu provides you with the option to stream the podcast to your own Facebook page or your Twitter and/or Google+ pages as well as your favorite social networking sites. You can connect with your co-workers via direct messages or through comments on your stories. If you love blogging, you can easily update your blog and track your favorite podcasts via RSS feeds from your social networks. This is one of the many benefits of being a subscriber to podcasts on social networking sites.

One feature that might make you smile is the “Send An Audio Message” section. In this section you can choose from a variety of different formats, such as mp3s, wma, or may be by email. Another neat function is the “Send An Audio Message” section includes a feature wherein podcasters can create custom voicemail recordings. This is very convenient especially when you need to record a specific line of dialog for a future show, post it onto your blog, or distribute to friends and co-workers. Podcasters can also select what kinds of files they want to send as an audio message.

Snippingcast is the best social networking podcast app for the tech-savvy podcasters who want to keep in touch with their friends and colleagues while they travel or go about their daily business. It allows podcasters to quickly send clips and links to their friends with just a few simple buttons. A handy shortcut button lets podcasters open up a specific pod cast right away, instead of having to dig through various podcasts. There are also a number of share buttons located throughout the entire application. For those looking for a podcast app that provides maximum functionality and versatility, Snippingcast is perfect.


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