Certification Project

Here are B-MOOC recommendations

There’s something about the word “certified” when it precedes a professional title that conveys to consumers and employers a sense of trust, credibility, knowledge and an official “stamp” of approval.

  • employers often include certification as a prerequisite when seeking qualified candidates to fill positions,
  • consumers often trust only those professionals who boast credentials proving they have attained a certain level of knowledge.

Certification plays an important role in developing a qualified workforce. Certification has long been a proven means of differentiation and qualification among professionals in any industry.  Employers, professionals, and consumers all benefit from certification.

Certifications programs establish standards for education and training. Certification exams go beyond training by providing an objective measurement of a professional’s knowledge and skills in a specific function or technology.

You, as a company, you already use external certification for recruiting, selecting providers, for your ongoing learning and personal empowerment.

But, you also can put in place your own branded certification to support :

  • your internal HR needs :
    • consolidate your company expertise & reputation and increase the sense of value from each of your employee
    • offer the opportunity for each internal employee to work on its
      • long-life learning achievements (get additional skills that allows them to move into a new area or to perform current functions more effectively),
      •  personal empowerment (higher salaries, better jobs, enhanced skill sets, market differentiation and community support from like-minded peers)
  • your image, influence and external HR needs:
    • propagate an image and a reputation of expertise,
    • propagate your methods and standards among your extended community,
    • put together a community of experts, under your authority, that can be used as a pool of expertise.
    • put in place a pré-recruitement process (Harvard did it with a Pre-MBA),