The Future Of Online Training In Latin America And The Caribbean

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Date de l'info : 6 mars 2014

You may have heard that we have signed an agreement with edX- the online education platform founded by Harvard and MIT- to make our online training programs accessible worldwide through “MOOCs” – Massive Open Online Courses. This agreement is a real revolution from the point of view of training and learning, and so I wanted to explain some ideas that summarize why we sought out this alliance.

Since INDES was founded in 1994, we have trained thousands of government officials from Latin America and the Caribbean and our courses have been rated highly by the participants. Year after year, we have increased the number of courses and participants, but we have yet to reach the goal of universal access to our courses, despite having added more than 100 online courses to our offerings of classroom training. (…)

In recent years there have been numerous specialized courses in formal academic programs and for highly technical target groups, and we noticed that there was a need for training among other target groups, such as project designers and program managers.  Aware of this fact, since 2004 we began to explore new virtual formats to reach officials who could not access our face-to-face training programs. After experimenting with INDES’ own virtual platform and some open and free course offerings, we have become convinced that MOOCs are the best way to share the IDB’s experience massively with the region. MOOCs make training more accessible to government agencies with budget restrictions and allow us to reach the most sensitive parts of the chain of implementation of development projects.

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