Embrace big data to educate Europe

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Source : www.euractiv.com
Auteur : Olivier Dumon
Date de l'info : 17 octobre 2014

Big data offers the opportunity to transform the education sector in Europe, writes Olivier Dumon, but he calls on the EU Commission to embrace policies to enable this to happen.

Imagine a world in which teachers could analyse the answers given in exam papers not just to find out how much their students have learned, but also to get clues as to why some gave the wrong answers or struggled to understand certain concepts. Imagine a world in which educators could analyse the way students use and respond to the information provided by textbooks or online learning tools to see what works and what might need to be revised, and get pointers on how best to do this. Imagine a world in which teachers and university lecturers are transformed from instructors to coaches and trainers, inspiring and stimulating their students by delivering tailor-made approaches to learning that can help them to realise their full potential.

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