4 reasons you should use HTML5 in eLearning

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Source : memeburn.com
Auteur : Brigg Patten
Date de l'info : 9 mai 2016


The web and its related technologies have never been short on interactivity. Ever since the first browsers were made available to the public, the hyperlink and later client-side scripting languages have given people a wide variety of ways to interact with websites.

It has taken longer, however, for the web to develop a set of standards by which animation, video, sound and logic can be presented in an application format with the web browser as the user interface. The earliest solutions to this problem involved custom plugins like Flash, Java and various multimedia extensions to the basic technology of presenting documents via the web browser.

Recently, however, a set of related technologies including HTML version five, the third major version of cascading style sheets and a standardized and well-documented Javascript programming language have given both developers and users far more attractive options for web-based multimedia, games and animation. Here are some reasons you should consider using HTML5 and its related technologies in your eLearning platform.

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