“We want Linux,” say 300,000 edX students

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Source : gigaom.com
Auteur : Barb Darrow
Date de l'info : 18 décembre 2014

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In case anyone doubted that Linux is the OS king among modern-day software programmers (or would-be programmers), here’s a tidbit: Some 300,000 people signed up for an edX course on Linux that kicked off in August, the largest turnout for any of edX’s 350 courses this year, according to edX president Anant Agarwal.

“This Linux course has been one of the top two MOOCs we’ve ever had,” Agarwal said in an interview. (MOOC stands for massive online open course.)

It’s been apparent for a decade that startups and older companies alike look for expertise in Linux (in particular) and open-source technologies (in general). That is one very big reason that Microsoft announced last week that it is open-sourcing its .NET framework and associated tools. It’s taking the tools to the developers instead of expecting developers to flock to its proprietary tools.

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