The Future Of Educational Technology: How Edtech Is Still Ignoring Its Biggest Market

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Auteur : Svetlana Dotsenko and Thomas Hwang
Date de l'info : 23 août 2016


Educational technology is booming. Technology is helping to redefine how we learn, obtain skills, and get credentialed. That value proposition has captured public attention and attracted record amounts of venture capital funding.

But the vision for edtech is, and should be, much broader. After all, the education market serves not only to instruct but also to invent. And educational technology can transform the “other half” of this equation by streamlining the research process.

The need for research innovation is arguably strongest at universities. Higher education is a vast market, in no small part due to the research enterprise. Last year, universities in the U.S. received nearly $70 billion in funding for research in science and the humanities, of which most was from the federal government. Funding for academic research is also growing rapidly internationally, such as in China, whose total research and development spending is now second only to the U.S.

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