MOOCs How ‘open’ are they? (7 dimensions)

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Date de l'info : 16 décembre 2013

A MOOC is open in several senses of the word but by far the most important is the idea that they are OPEN IN SPIRIT, not open in any technical sense but open in a moral sense. This mean a genuine attempt to open up education to all through open access, low cost, online delivery. Access to powerful and free at the point of access educational tools and resources was available through Google, YouTube, Wikipedia and a myriad of other online resources.  The Open Educational Resources movement also provided the ground from which MOOCs could sprout. More specifically, the Khan Academy came along with more structured video-based learning experiences. All of this was, from the learner’s point of view,  open in the sense of being accessible and free.
7 dimensions of openness
But openness has several other dimensions relevant to MOOCs:
1. Open access
2. Open structure
3. Open educational resources
4. Open collaboration
5. Open accreditation
6. Open source code
7. Open data
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