How Entrepreneurs Are Rethinking MOOCs

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Auteur : Mike Montgomery
Date de l'info : 6 juillet 2015

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Only a few years ago, plenty of people were arguing that MOOCs, or massive open online courses, were going to completely disrupt colleges. Instead of having a professor lecture to a few hundred students—how inefficient and retro!—thousands of people from around the world could register for that same course, learn the material and take tests on their own time.

There’s no question that MOOCs are increasingly popular. According to one study more than 40,000students, on average, take each class. And people are finding creative ways to use them, like a woman who is cobbling together the equivalent of an MBA from MOOCs for less than $1,000—and launching a business to help others do the same. Companies are using MOOCs to train workers, job hunters are learning marketable skills and people in remote locales are being exposed to top-notch professors.

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