Finding the Right MOOC Market for College Kids

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Date de l'info : 27 mars 2014

When MOOCs began to make waves in the educational and popular press, the fact that a single massive course was enrolling 3-5 times the number of students attending Berkeley indicated to some that a long-awaited alternative to an overpriced college education was looming.

Built into a narrative that saw MOOCs as the great disruptor of traditional higher education was the assumption that the conventional college-age cohort of 18-22 year olds (and their parents) currently shelling out thousands to attend school would be so thrilled about free courses from the world’s most prestigious colleges and universities that demand would be met by not just an increase in MOOC supply but by mechanisms for turning completing those courses into formal college credit.

What a difference two years of experience (and data) can make.  For we now know that out of every ten students enrolled in a MOOC, only 2-3 tend to fall into that college-age demographic.  And even if you treat those who don’t finish a course as a complex set of sub-groups (rather than a bunch of drop-outs) the fact remains that five- and six-figure enrollments only translate to four-figure graduation totals.

Still, given the large numbers associated with any MOOC, the number of younger learners participating in most massive classes is substantial.  But how many of them have shown interest in turning their MOOC experience into college credit (especially if fees or extra work is involved)?

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