Bringing Your Own Digital Habits to Learning

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Auteur : David James
Date de l'info : 15 septembre 2015


For quite some time now, we’ve been telling employees, managers and leaders (and anyone else who will listen) that the individual should own their development – and so we shouldn’t be surprised that a greater proportion of professional development is now happening outside of traditional L&D channels.

BYOL (Bring Your Own Learning) is a term being used to describe how people choose their own learning sources and (formally or informally) create a learning agenda based upon their needs, ambitions and interests. BYOL was described in a fascinating book of the same name and denotes that ‘what matters is that students learn in the ways that make sense to them and their teachers’. Whether this is in the form of books, courses, videos, mentoring, online learning platforms, or short-form mobile content, there appears to be a growing trend of employees owning more of their professional development.

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