Why Business Leaders Need To Take On The Education Revolution

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Source : techcrunch.com
Auteur : Justin Gray
Date de l'info : 21 décembre 2015


Have you hired someone straight out of college in the last decade? If you have, it comes as no shock that today’s education system simply isn’t creating job-ready employees. Far from the differentiator it once was, the college diploma has become an expensive check box in the HR process.

Let’s cut to the chase: You need experience to be relevant in today’s demanding job market. Period.

Most graduates, regardless of their progression within higher education, are simply not presented with the opportunity to learn and exercise skills employers really need. According to a study by McKinsey and Company, 72 percent of educational institutions believe recent graduates are ready for work. Here’s the kicker: only 42 percent of employers agree. The overwhelming majority of these employees will need to learn on their own to close the skills gap.

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