2014 Business Schools: Who’s On The ‘Nice’ List

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Auteur : John A. Byrne
Date de l'info : 25 décembre 2014


Were you naughty or nice?

In the media, we tend to play up the negative angles. To use a holiday term, we stuff coal into everyone’s stockings. Maybe we’re natural grinches. Then again, like most, maybe we take selfless gestures and courageous acts for granted.

So let’s step back today. Let’s recognize those individuals or groups who are so committed to principle that they act on them. Let’s honor their strength. Let’s celebrate their achievements. Most important, let’s follow their example.

If you believe in Santa Claus, you can be assured that b-school alumni, administrators, students, and supporters would make his ‘nice’ list. But ten individuals or groups truly stood out in 2014. Whether they freely gave their talents, inspired their peers, or challenged the status quo, they set a high standard that won’t be easy to match. Here are their stories:

10) Dean Nitin Nohria, Harvard Business School: HBS’ bourbon-soaked SectionX subculture produces plenty of headlines, creating the impression of a campus overrun by dilettantes. What’s more, many female alumni and faculty have admitted to feeling like outsiders at the school. In many organizations, leaders would deny the issue exists, defensively circling the wagons and lashing out at critics. In 2014, Dean Nohria decided to take the road less traveled.

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