The El Camino, MOOCs, And The Third Platform

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Auteur : Ernie Kahane
Date de l'info : 5 mai 2014

Remember the El Camino? It was a sedan and a pickup truck all in one. It was “a vehicle to go to church in on a Sunday that could carry our pigs to market on Mondays.” But, the El Camino could only fit three people across in the sedan and the cargo space was small. In an attempt to meet the needs of diverse buyers, it ultimately did not meet the needs of any, and was discontinued.

Corporate Learning Organizations currently face an “El Camino” predicament. Traditional learners prefer instructor-led training (ILT). Yet, organizations want to provide more cost-efficient and scalable e-Learning models. Millennial and digital-native learners want on-demand learning options that are social and consumer-grade. However, most corporate e-Learning is PowerPoint-based with social learning channels bolted on, rather than built in and integrated with the courseware. In trying to meet the different needs of these diverse audiences, Corporate Learning Organizations are increasingly failing to meet the needs of any. Sound familiar? (…)

In my last blog post I discussed how Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are about more than ‘the course.’ In fact, if you only see MOOCs as a big course or another variant of distance learning, then you will miss what is disruptive and strategic about them. As I previously discussed, the “invisible gorilla” is the Third Platform. The Third Platform is all about social, mobile, cloud, and Big Data and offers robust learning environments that fit the new digital learning marketplace.

A Third Platform Learning Strategy is a way out of the El Camino problem. Third Platforms enable robust e-Learning environments that are as good as a classroom experience and also offer internet-based learning experiences on a variety of devices.

So where do corporate MOOCs fit? I believe 2014 will be the year of the “Corporate MOOC” and that they will become integrated with the learning strategy of innovative companies. Their value proposition offers an online learning experience that feels like a classroom experience, but is scalable, on demand and self-paced. Corporate MOOCs will not necessarily be massive, open, etc., like public MOOCs, but will be designed to meet the needs of their audiences. For example corporate MOOCs can integrate on-demand technical labs for engineers, or be workshop-oriented for senior executives. The Third Platform will enable new offerings and engage new audiences.

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