Will Your E-Learning Be Ready for the Future?

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Source : www.clomedia.com
Auteur : Deb McMahon and Laurent M. Jean-Marius
Date de l'info : 29 août 2016


With the rapid growth of e-learning comes an exponential rise in the number of tools, technologies and flavor-of-the-month market trends that appeal to chief learning officers looking for ways to weave new tools into their development strategies. Consequently, the information technology department is on the receiving end of requests for a variety of new online learning apps, gamification software, social, microlearning or adaptive learning.

So, how does a CLO get all of the features they want from new e-learning technologies without completely disrupting — or, worse yet, replacing — the current infrastructure? There are definitive steps a learning leader can take to help their IT peers prepare a learning ecosystem for transformation, while minimizing business risk and cost.

The goal is to create a flexible e-learning environment that enables an IT leader to support current and future e-learning trends in ways that allow the technology infrastructure to flex but not crack. For example, organizations 10 years ago did not put much focus on how people accessed their content because most learning was conducted on a desktop computer. Now, CLOs must manage employees who consume learning on desktops, tablets and mobile phones. If an organization was still using the same 10-year-old platform without upgrades, many learners won’t be able to access content in the way they prefer to consume it.

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