Learn about IT, security and hacking online for free

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Source : www.techworm.net
Auteur : Kavita Iyer
Date de l’info : 2 août 2016

positive-side-of-hackingThe term ‘hacking’ is much more than using software to brute-force a password, or hiring a botnet to launch DDoS attacks against a website for the fun of it or cracking your media streaming kit to download shows for free. …


Greenbelt-based MOOC platform offers free cybersecurity courses

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Source : technical.ly
Auteur : Lalita Clozel
Date de l’info : 16 janvier 2015

w640Greenbelt-based Cybrary, a company that provides massive open online courses (MOOCs) on IT and cybersecurity, is opening certain classes for free to the general public. According to a press release Tuesday, more than 3,500 students from different countries have already signed up …