Intrepid Learning Delivers Addictive “MOOC on Corporate MOOCs” on Intrepid MOOC Platform

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Auteur : Jennifer Germano
Date de l'info : 17 août 2014

An official celebration of the launch of Intrepid Learning’s first-ever “MOOC on Corporate MOOCs”, a content marketing MOOC run on the Intrepid Corporate MOOC platform. (…)

The MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) addressed the business case for corporate MOOCs—such as thought leadership and customer education at scale, talent acquisition, sales and partner enablement, leadership development, and more. The curriculum included case studies of successful corporate MOOC launches and group discussions on how MOOCs can address the business and learning challenges of today’s fast-paced organizations. The course also discussed how content for a corporate MOOC is created and curated.

Learn more about Intrepid Learning Delivers Addictive “MOOC on Corporate MOOCs” on Intrepid MOOC Platform – click in link HERE


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