What Business Schools Don’t Get About MOOCs

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Source : blogs.hbr.org
Auteur : Pankaj Ghemawat
Date de l'info : 11 août 2014

(…) But much of what has been written thus far about MOOCs – are they good or bad? Will they put universities out of business? – misses the point.  The future education will be the recombination of new and old, not a battle between them.

This misguided debate over MOOCs can be seen in the contrasting approaches of HBS and Wharton. HBS has decided not to embrace one of the existing MOOC platforms, but rather, to invest heavily in a proprietary platform. Michael Porter, the strategy expert, believes that the HBS approach is the right one. Clay Christensen, the innovation expert, advocates instead the approach taken by Wharton, which has made MOOCs out of all its core courses.

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