Docebo Versus Grovo: Battle of the Online Learning Platforms

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Auteur : Juan Martinez
Date de l'info : 27 décembre 1999

Online learning platforms typically come in two specific varieties—tools designed for training companies, and tools designed for companies that manage their own in-house training. Beyond that massive distinction there are dozens of other less important elements you need to consider when choosing an online learning platform. Things like price, user interface, features, hoq simple it is to create course content—these are all distinct characteristics of any platform and each needs to be weighed in concert before making a final purchase decision.

In this article, I’ll pit two of the best online learning platforms against one another. I’ll examine their pricing structures, their best features, how they look and feel, and zero in on the tasks for which they’re best suited. Although I’ll make a final recommendation at the end of the piece, you should keep in mind that every business has a specific use case for their learning platform, and as a result, my recommendation may not be the best pick for you. Happy hunting.

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