Digital Marketing for Higher Education

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Higher Education Marketing (HEM) has released a new e-book entitled, “Digital Marketing for Higher Education: Reviewing 2013 Trends to Jump Start 2014,” which is now available for free download from its website (…)

Changing Paradigms of Higher Education

It is a time of great change and challenge for most colleges and universities, driven by a combination of social, cultural, economic and technological factors. Disruptive forces impacting higher education include the proliferation of private for-profit providers, fewer college-bound seniors, greater student mobility and the legitimization of online learning. The rise of corporate career colleges and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) poses a direct challenge to traditional colleges and universities, and in light of reduced government funding and falling barriers to international markets, it has become an increasingly dynamic and competitive market, to say the least.

Shifting demographics, attitudes and preferences among prospective students, and rapid technological advances are also forcing schools to pursue innovative strategies that integrate content creation with social media, optimize websites with responsive design and user-friendly architecture, develop SEO initiatives, and track and measure web traffic with Google Analytics.

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