Education today is about personal transformation

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Auteur : David Shields
Date de l'info : 13 avril 2015


Every spring more than 200 women gather at Walsh College for Entrepreneur-YOU, the only Southeast Michigan day-long conference for women seeking to start a business or build one they’ve already created. It’s one of many ways people stay current in their careers.

At first glance, it would seem that an event like this is mere career-building with entrepreneurship as a buzzword. But dig a little deeper, and you discover that we’re really teaching about relationships.

In today’s connection economy, one key to career growth, economic development and personal satisfaction is successful interpersonal communications like the kind that can be found in opportunities to build, change and expand one’s networks.

Nowadays, there are many opportunities for higher learning, with each institution claiming to be unique in one way or another. For a long time, we’ve been driven by a desire to help people transform so they can find better and faster success. The dilemma became how, exactly, to achieve that transformation.

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