Will Your E-Learning Be Ready for the Future?

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Source : www.clomedia.com
Auteur : Deb McMahon and Laurent M. Jean-Marius
Date de l’info : 29 août 2016

CLOWith the rapid growth of e-learning comes an exponential rise in the number of tools, technologies and flavor-of-the-month market trends that appeal to chief learning officers looking for ways to weave new tools into their development strategies. Consequently, the information …


Screens In Schools Are a $60 Billion Hoax

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Source : time.com
Auteur : Dr. Nicholas Kardaras
Date de l’info : 31 août 2016

HoaxAs the dog days of summer wane, most parents are preparing to send their kids back to school. In years past, this has meant buying notebooks and pencils, perhaps even a new backpack. But over the past decade or so, …


Wells Fargo And Game Plan Launch eLearning Financial Program For Student Athletes

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Source : www.sporttechie.com
Auteur : Tobe Attah
Date de l’info : 24 août 2016

Game PlanIn today’s educational system, institutions are putting a much bigger emphasis on student athletes and their efforts in successfully integrating themselves into the professional world. The notion that these individuals only prioritize their performances in the heat of a sports …


Online courses explode, but 90 percent of enrollees drop out within two weeks. Why?

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Source : getschooled.blog.myajc.com
Auteur : Satesh Bidaisee, Maureen Downey
Date de l’info : 3 août 2016

blogging-336376aThe recent growth of online education has been astounding. Last year, 35 million people signed up for at least one online college-level class. That’s more than double the previous year’s enrollment. The popularity of online learning is easy to understand. …


3 Ways to Use MOOCs to Advance Your Career

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Source : hbr.org
Auteur : Walter Frick
Date de l’info : 26 juillet 2016

BooksThe vast majority of people who sign up for a MOOC—a massive open online course—never complete it. More than 50% consume less than half of the course’s content. This is wrongly viewed as evidence that MOOCs don’t work, that people …


SOS École : ces sciences de l’éducation qu’ignore superbement la France en se noyant dans un pédagogisme stérile

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Source : www.atlantico.fr
Auteur : Franck Ramus
Date de l’info : 9 mai 2016

sosCoupée de la recherche scientifique internationale en matière de sciences éducatives, la France est à la traîne. Ceci se ressent d’ailleurs à travers ses mauvais résultats dans les différents classements évaluant ses performances éducatives. La conséquence notamment à une insuffisance …


Gamification: Passing Trend or Pathway to Workplace Productivity?

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Source : www.thestreet.com
Auteur : Gina Ragusa
Date de l’info : 2 mai 2016

game handBusiness owners and CEOs are constantly searching for ways to remain competitive, keep employees engaged and boost productivity. Incentives, internal contests and training have often been used, but more recently companies are taking a closer look at the emerging phenomenon …


SAM Labs raises $4.5M to turn kids into IoT-mavens

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Source : techcrunch.com
Auteur : Haje Jan Kamps
Date de l’info : 1 mai 2016

sam-labs-kitLondon-based SAM Labs just announced that it raised £3.2M ($4.5M) from a group of investors led by Imperial Innovations. In addition to the institutional investor specializing in commercial spin-outs from academic institutions, the round was padded out with smart money …


With Genius Teacher, Advitiya Sharma aims to make education more adaptive for teachers and students

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Source : yourstory.com
Auteur : Harshith Mallya
Date de l’info : 2 mai 2016

Advitiya-SharmaFor the education system to run smoothly, both students and teachers need to be on the same page and the teaching methodology needs to evolve constantly with time. The worst case scenario of what could happen has been well portrayed …


Developing country MOOC users not like those in the U.S.

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Source : www.ecampusnews.com
Auteur : Ronald Bethke
Date de l’info : 2 mai 2016

MoocA new study from researchers at the University of Washington has revealed that half of developing country MOOC users are receiving certification. And while many assume that the main barrier to developing country MOOC use is lack of technology skills …