Will Your E-Learning Be Ready for the Future?

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Source : www.clomedia.com
Auteur : Deb McMahon and Laurent M. Jean-Marius
Date de l’info : 29 août 2016

CLOWith the rapid growth of e-learning comes an exponential rise in the number of tools, technologies and flavor-of-the-month market trends that appeal to chief learning officers looking for ways to weave new tools into their development strategies. Consequently, the information …


Edtech platform Coursera targets enterprise with ‘Coursera for Business’

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Source : siliconangle.com
Auteur : Eric David
Date de l’info : 31 août 2016

CourseraOnline learning platform Coursera has just announced a new service aimed at tailoring its educational tools for big companies. The new Coursera for Business offers curated learning plans and powerful analytics, as well as the ability for businesses to create …


Wells Fargo And Game Plan Launch eLearning Financial Program For Student Athletes

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Source : www.sporttechie.com
Auteur : Tobe Attah
Date de l’info : 24 août 2016

Game PlanIn today’s educational system, institutions are putting a much bigger emphasis on student athletes and their efforts in successfully integrating themselves into the professional world. The notion that these individuals only prioritize their performances in the heat of a sports …


Learn about IT, security and hacking online for free

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Source : www.techworm.net
Auteur : Kavita Iyer
Date de l’info : 2 août 2016

positive-side-of-hackingThe term ‘hacking’ is much more than using software to brute-force a password, or hiring a botnet to launch DDoS attacks against a website for the fun of it or cracking your media streaming kit to download shows for free. …


UN launches open online course for Sustainable Development Goal awareness

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Source : www.eco-business.com
Auteur : China.org.cn
Date de l’info : 8 août 2016

b8aeed96bc36190e41a607_news_featuredThe UNDP in China launched an open course to promote public engagement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in China on Aug. 4 in Beijing, less than one year after the SDGs were adopted. The UNDP Massive Open Online Course …


What Grad Schools Think of Your Online Bachelor’s Degree

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Source : www.usnews.com
Auteur : Jordan Friedman
Date de l’info : 1 août 2016

downloadGrad school admissions officers usually won’t instantly know whether applicants earned a bachelor’s degree online, says Sean-Michael Green, associate vice president of graduate enrollment at the University of New Haven, who focuses on arts and sciences, business, engineering, criminal justice …


With Genius Teacher, Advitiya Sharma aims to make education more adaptive for teachers and students

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Source : yourstory.com
Auteur : Harshith Mallya
Date de l’info : 2 mai 2016

Advitiya-SharmaFor the education system to run smoothly, both students and teachers need to be on the same page and the teaching methodology needs to evolve constantly with time. The worst case scenario of what could happen has been well portrayed …


Developing country MOOC users not like those in the U.S.

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Source : www.ecampusnews.com
Auteur : Ronald Bethke
Date de l’info : 2 mai 2016

MoocA new study from researchers at the University of Washington has revealed that half of developing country MOOC users are receiving certification. And while many assume that the main barrier to developing country MOOC use is lack of technology skills …


3 Online Education Trends That Will Shape How You Hire In 2016

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Source : www.forbes.com
Auteur : Rick Levin
Date de l’info : 25 février 2016

960x0Four years after the first massive open online courses appeared, online learning is becoming part of the fabric of both student and professional life. 2016 will be a crucial year in the development of this powerful new tool. The first …


LinkedIn just bought the recruiting startup Connectifier

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Source : www.businessinsider.com
Auteur : Jordan Novet
Date de l’info : 4 février 2016

LinkedIn-sign-Link-Humans-Flickr-930x698LinkedIn announced on Thursday in its earnings statement that it has acquired Connectifier, a startup with technology for helping recruiters find talent. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed. “The acquisition of Connectifier, announced this afternoon, will further strengthen our core products …