4 Strategic issues

Before investing in MOOCs, it is important that you know what to offer, to whom, for which USP and for which ROI.

At B-MOOC factory, we build the training strategy of our clients. Before deciding to transform their training program, our clients ask us to :

  • conceive and shape their  TRAINING PLAN & VISION
  • build a MOOC program,
  • animate the needed PARTNERSHIP between universities and companies, for SOURCING MOOCS


Pedagogical Project STRATEGIC METHOD

Our method focus on working with our clients to get answer to the following questions :

  • What are the target I want to reach ? And Why ?
    • List of internal and external stakeholder,
    • Need of each stakeholder,
    • Expected Company’s ROI from each stakeholder,
    • List of priorities and list of  selected target



  • Each target of your community can need your specific knowledge

  • OFFER THEM A MOOC and get more from them


  • How can I reach those target with learning tools (MOOC, E-learning, gaming, etc.) ?
    • What offer can I put on the table to satisfy the selected target (MOOC Type)?
    • How can I build and distribute that offer ?
    • What is my positioning in the new learning market place?
    • Who are my strategic partners? (Businesses, Universities, Reserach centers, ….)
  • What is my financial and organizational Road Map ?
    • The Business plan
    • The operational Road Map
    • Each MOOC specification


At B-MOOC Factory, we believe that the driver of the changes that are occuring in the training & learning indusrty will lead to the emergence of companies that will provide valuable education for everyone more than education for all. Innovation is everywhere in the training & learning value chain. This will lead to a redistribution of roles, with strong new entrants, as seen in other industries such as media and Entertainment. In the next years, some existing universities and training provider will took a battering from the digital learning innovation. Those that will anticipate changes and find the right business model, will get cash from digital sources that will at last repairing some of the damage. industryvaluechain




For some companies, we have raised the following questions: “To what extent are important data that comes from your community when it is formed?” “Is it crutial for you as you control one or more parts of the value chain of learning?” “Would you like to take advantage from your community and build new sources of revenues?” For business training or universities, the main questions are: what is your role of tomorrow? what is your target? what is your offer? positionning