3 “White label” IT services

At B-MOOC Factory, we provide a special attention to host and run the technical and functional platform on behalf of our clients. The technological dimension focus on MOOC technology infrastructure, hardware and software, including issues pertaining to capacity, compatibility, security and scalability.




B-MOOC Factory offer a “White Label” services on known MOOC platforms hosted on our server.

  • MOOC platform hosting, maintenance and security
  • Platform interface with client IS
  • Content Delivery, Network (CDN)

Our role is to :

  • take in charge the hosting, maintenance and security of :
    • client’s distribution platform
    • MOOC software and other software
    • MOOC Database
  • build with our client the interface architecture to link our platforms our clients ones,
  • take in charge your Content Delivery Network (CDN), through partnership that we have build with expert in that domain :
    • Deploy MOOCs internationally, by optimizing the technical architecture issues.
    • Cedexis optimizes web performance across data centers, content delivery networks (CDNs) and clouds, for companies that want to ensure 100% availability and extend their reach to new global markets.