4 steps to Build MOOC

Organize your “Build MOOC” team into 4 working groups and make them collaborate.



Pedagogical Project Pedagogical  Project

Depending on corporate objectives and value creation target, we assist our clients in building, for MOOC environments, the appropriate Course design, Course materials and Interface design.

We are used to establish and animate a pedagogical team that can includes one or several trainers, mutli-disciplinary and international internal or external experts. With pedagogical engineers, we always start from an existing content and an existing training team, and all together as the “pedagogical team” we build the following outputs :

  • COURSE DESIGN (content frame, instructional script, course facilitation) adapted to the target that has been chosen),


  • INTERFACE DESIGN that considers the overall look an feel of the MOOC interface. This dimension encompasses page and site design, content design, navigation, and usability issues.
  • MOOC MATERIALS that are going to be implement into the MOOC platform (video lectures, readings, quizzes assignments, tests, exams, and/or threaded discussions, …).

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Pedagogical ProjectCertification

Many MOOCs provider offers several type of credit or certificates of completion, which help to legitimize and formalize the learning :


The complexity of a “Certification project” differ on the type of certification you would like to put in place and is also depending whether you want to do a “one branded certificate” or a multi-branded certificate (in partnership with another organization, etc.).

In the “Certification Project”, as a prerequisite, we suppose that the exam underlying the certification is ready and has been build within the “Pedagogical Project”.

Our consultants help you operationally, putting in place a certification for a MOOC. Our role is to

  • Specify the certificate (Frame, administration, organization, business plan, …),
  • Build the certificate Frame and and host it in a plateform,
  • Before the exam, manage the relation with those who want to get the certification (including the payment process if any),
  • During the exam, manage the exam’s logistics,
  • After the exam, manage the given certificate,
  • Manage the “Certification project”.

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Pedagogical ProjectStudio  Project

At B-MOOC Factory, we aim to go hand in hand with the “Pedagogical team” to build the right engaging video that enhance your course, while taking into account your project and corporate constraints (image, cost, time, complexity, retention, etc.). Our role is to

  • set up the specification of the “Studio Project”, in line with requests coming form the “Pedagogical project” as well as from your communication department.
  • build the adapted “Studio Team” to achieve this specification. Depending on the project. This team can be composed of one person or of several experts (Director, Cameraman, editor)
  • coordinate the relationship with the “Pedagogical Team” and handle everything to ultimately sorting out delivery of the media at the end of the process.

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Pedagogical ProjectTechnical Project

The technical project centralizes all needs for developers, web designer and IT architect as well as for interfacing with the hosting team that will manage the chosen platform (EDX, MOODLE, CANVAS).

B-MOOC Factory provide to our clients, experts that has the skills to handle each part of the “Technical project” :

  • Implement MOOC materials on the chosen platform
    • Pre-requisit : “MOOC specification” coming form the Pedagogical team
    • Our role is to:
      • develop and test new functionalities in the chosen platform (opensource) if necessary,
      • implement MOOC Materials,
      • organise the test and test the MOOC (build the test team, build the test process,
      • provide corrective actions if any.
  • Manage MOOC Data
    • Collect MOOC Data,
    • Build the interface with the corporation information system,
  • Build and maintain your MOOC Portal (Pre-requisit : “MOOC Portal specification” coming form the “MOOC market” team).
    • develop the website that is going to be used to distribute and diffuse MOOCs,
    • integrate MOOC portal the within your own web environment
  • Build and maintain your collaborative & social network tools
  • Manage your “Technical Project”.

Project Management & Legal

Project Management. Our role is to :

  • build or finalize the MOOC project specification
  • prepare and execute the kick off
  • coordinate and manage the MOOC Project team
  • prepare reports for the board of the project
  • deal and manage with potential partners
  • make recommendations and anticipate the next steps

Legal : Our role is to :

  • help our clients with LEGAL ISSUES such as :
    • author rights,
    • privacy,
    • data confidentiality.